Slept about 20 GI's each. Stetten Kaserne, Munich (transferred to the Bundeswehr in the 1950s) Strassburg Barracks, Idar-Oberstein (closed in 2008) Strub Kaserne (Gebirgsjäger Kaserne), Commissary, Health Clinic, AFRC Housing Berchtesgaden (closed in 1995) Sundgauer Housing Area, Berlin (closed in 1994) All others must wait in the hallway. These are photos of . Only one customer at a time. The Technical University of Munich is a research university focused on natural sciences, engineering, medicine and social sciences concerning technology issues. One guy was sick for all 9 days. We were attached to the 242nd Supply Company (Hq Company, 242nd Service & Supply Battalion) on the same property but they were housed in two story brick structures. We drove off of the Autobahn in Unterfoffenhofen and not surprisingly, the little town had grown to about 25,000. name built in / … Towards Munich about 1/4 mile was another Kaserne that housed the Division's tank battalion - its name too I cannot remember. Henry Kaserne - A place for veterans who served at HENRY KASERNE, Munich, Germany Eastman Barracks, Dachau - A very informative website featuring the Dachau Concentration Camp and Memorial Site; includes some information on the post-war use of the former SS training camp which became Eastman Barracks and was used by the US Army until 1973 242nd It took nine days. in Germany from 1945 to 1989. Since I had a college degree, the Army wanted me to go to OCS but I declined as I wanted to serve my country for two years and get out. Matter of fact, the day we got there, they were removing the old train station as they had built a new one. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I was promoted to Sergeant before I was discharged. No children allowed. Technical University Munich is situated 1½ km east of Alte Kaserne. You are reading the report about ARMYKASERNE.COM, ARMY KASERNE - US ARMY GERMANY, ARMY KASERNE - US ARMY GERMANY I slept in the 3rd hole down. A Russian vessel followed us for two days. After World War II it was renamed by the United States forces to Henry Kaserne in honor of Private Robert T. Henry. Fürst-Wrede-Kaserne has been a military facility in Munich, Germany, since 1936 when it was built by the Munich Heeresbauamt (army construction bureau) under its original name Verdun-Kaserne. The first ones were located near the historical center of Munich. Quartermaster Battalion With an area of 158,706 acres, Fort Hood has 6,007 officers and 82.610 active duty personnel, and considered to be the largest active armory post in the United States Army which has the […] The rest of the Division was located in Augsburg. My job was to issue fuel to military vehicles as I was the operations corporal in the office. I was stationed at Warne Kaserne (former SS kaserne), an amazing site and huge facility. Panzer Kaserne Is military base in Germany The 6 ª Zone of Group of Support is situated in Stuttgart right in Germany, and it has a mission of providing total control, along with communications & the base operations in such a way to meet needs linked to the units assigned and joined. 5th General Hospital, Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt; 96 Ordnance Company, Mainz Gonsenheim, 1955/56; 97th General Hospital/Clark Kaserne (reported to become the American Consulate) Frankfurt Aartal Kaserne Herborn-Seelbach (closed 1992); Abrams Complex, Frankfurt (closed 1995) Alabama Depot, Munich (closed 1965) Anderson Barracks, Dexheim (closed 2008) Andrews Barracks, Berlin (closed … My wife will tell you that even though she cannot speak German, she knew by my conversation with him and our laughter that this was a special moment for both he and I. Waldmann-Kaserne (Bundeswehr use) Funkkaserne 1936–1992 Prinz-Eugen-Kaserne 1937–2009 Lohengrin-Kaserne (Nazi Germany) Peterson Kaserne (U.S. Army use) McGraw Kaserne: 1945–1992 parts were used from the Reichszeugmeisterei (Nazi Germany) Kronprinz-Rupprecht-Kaserne 1963–1994 Virginia Storage Area / Alabama Storage Area (U.S. Army use) 96 Ordnance Company, Mainz Gonsenheim, 1955/56; 97th General Hospital/Clark Kaserne (reported to become the American Consulate) Frankfurt Aartal Kaserne Herborn-Seelbach (closed in June 1992); Abrams Complex, Frankfurt (closed in 1995) Alabama Depot, Munich (closed in 1965) Anderson Barracks, Dexheim (closed in 2008) Andrews Barracks, Berlin (closed in 1994) We lived in Quonset huts heated by kerosene. Sep 8, 2014 - Map of former American Army base called McGraw Kaserne. Page 2 is The People of Warner Kaserne. On weekends we'd go out pilfering. I was lucky as I lived in the old German building, two story,upstairs and had my own bedroom. Stetten Kaserne, Munich (transferred to the Bundeswehr in the 1950s) Strassburg Barracks, Idar-Oberstein (closed in 2008) Strub Kaserne (Gebirgsjäger Kaserne), Commissary, Health Clinic, AFRC Housing Berchtesgaden (closed in 1995) Sundgauer Housing Area, Berlin (closed in 1994) I showed him pictures of the installation and pleaded with him to make a call which he did. Does anyone have info on info on SSG Reese and SSG Wegner from G-5 Civil Affairs 24th Inf Div Flak Kaserne. He came around and pin pointed the land for the Americans to attack. The barracks of Munich are listed on a memorial stone which is located in Bayern-Kaserne. About 90 guys in that hole. personnel assigned to or associated with the U.S. Army Photos, E-mail inquiries, research links They did not give me any but when I walked out, I was approached by a young German women who said she knew where the camp was but it is now a secrete German installation. Our company mobilized since we were a support group for the aviation and land troops. Located in Giesing, München (Munich), Germany. MWR Tours Policies & Procedures During COVID-19. frameset. The barracks of Munich are listed on a memorial stone which is located in Bayern-Kaserne. We were ready to move our troops into Israeli to support the country. Close enough where we could see them looking with binoculars. Study guide for all the 1945-1949 holocaust of all nationalities during World War II, Ukrainians, Polish, Germans, Latvians, Estonians, Italians, French, Yugoslavs, Catholic, Orthodox, Jews and other religions. It was a nine day trip and it was the last ship to transport GI’s from the US. Former Munich American Guesthouse in background. This view is almost identical today, minus the gateposts and flag, and also minus the Reichsadler stone eagle that can be seen in profile on the wall to the right - this eagle (minus its head and swastika) was still there when the U.S. Army was in this Kaserne in the 1950s, but was removed at some point since. No one before me was actual trained for the position. He said (naturally in German) that the camp officer would be here. She would drive me to the gate and I was on my own. Munich 1967; Become our sponsor and display your banner here. HENRY KASERNE, MUNICH, GERMANY. After World War II the U.S. forces renamed it Will Kaserne, and the Bundeswehr renamed it once more in honor of Karl Philipp von Wrede on April 17, 1972. CD Rom was very interesting and worth the money to me. Alabama-Depot‎ ... Barackenkasernement Oberwiesenfeld‎ (1 C, 9 F) E Eisenbahnkaserne‎ (4 F) Ernst-von-Bergmann-Kaserne‎ (4 F) H Hofgartenkaserne‎ (3 F) I Alte Isarkaserne‎ (8 F) Neue Isarkaserne‎ (8 F) K ... Media in category "Barracks in Munich" The following 5 files are in this category, out of 5 total. 1. Still need photos of Flak, around the Kaserne and outside the gates,and also need photos of Kriegshaber area around Flak. 2. ... 11 to 19 of 19 Munich 1967. 97th General Hospital/Clark Kaserne (reported to become the American Consulate) Frankfurt; Aartal Kaserne Herborn-Seelbach (closed 1992) Abrams Complex, Frankfurt (closed 1995) Alabama Depot, Munich (closed 1965) Anderson Barracks, Dexheim (closed 2008) Andrews Barracks, Berlin (closed 1994) Argonner Kaserne, Hanau (closed 2008) Contact Requested" The 5th Division went to Fort Ord, California, where I was discharged in February '56. 3. name built in / closed in other names remarks Kreuzkaserne 1670–1883 ... Virginia Storage Area / Alabama Storage Area (U.S. Army use) Existing barracks. The little town of Unterfoffenhofen, Freiham was the location of the camp. That is where we would eat which was a 200 yard walk from our area. The 613th Field Service Company, at Alabama Kaserne, Munich is a subordinate unit of the 242nd S&S Bn. My wife and I made our first trip to Europe in 1997. 5th Battalion 32nd Armor,24th Infantry Division, Will Kaserne, Munich, Germany, M60 Tank,Hohenfels, Grafenwoehr [email protected] If you can see this, your browser doesn't support iframes. MILITARY UNITS - henry kaserne, munich, Germany VetFriends Veteran ID Card Quick Links. After reporting there and finding no slot for my MOS, I was asked what area I preferred to be stationed at in Germany. I think all totaled, about 60. stories or thoughts on the subject, please email me (webmaster ). They were 25 feet below ground and all instructions were written in German. The name was the USNS Geiger. I went to the police station for help. Here is the history of the land that became the 657th Company (242nd Battalion). Klaus Cook from Flak Kaserne. This was in 1966. As told to me by the Germans who worked for me at the installation. All the office personnel said I should ask to go to Bavaria. Looking for more information from military/civilian I was lucky, I went through jungle war fare training at Fort Mead and at the eleventh hour, my orders were pulled and I did not go to Nam. I had rented a car in Frankfurt as we landed there and spent the next 2½ months touring Europe on our own. He said no admittance. Highlights while I was stationed there were: The population was about four thousand. At the end of the 18th century a lot of military installations were built to the north of the historical center. An ambulance picked him up when we landed in Germany. Bleidorn Kaserne in Ansbach was built in 1935-36 for Reconnaissance Battalion 17. Intersection of Tegernseer Landstraße, Peter-Auzinger-Straße, and Stadelheimer Straße. My orders were to serve at the 7th Army (3rd Support) Brigade Headquarters at Stuttgart. Article about: Thought I'd lost these, but found them today. I decided to learn the language as I had 19 months there and several of the German nationals worked for me. These photos are donated by Miss D. L. Tibble, Field Supervisor of Warner Kaserne, Sub area Munich, Munich-Freimann Photos taken between: Dec. 15 1946 - May 31 1950 Residents were Ukrainians, Lithuanian and others 1967- Charles de Gaulle, President of France told the United States to remove its military installations from France. I had a wonderful experience in Germany and the 657th Company I was honored to serve in. 2nd Quartermaster Group I gave my wife a thumbs up as she sat in the car. 1900 International Park Drive Ste 105 Birmingham, AL 35243; 205-341-7880; [email protected] The tank exploded and shook the plane. One afternoon as the Americans were getting closer to taking control of German land, an America fighter was going over head and one of his bombs disengaged and hit a vent pipe above ground for an underground storage tank. Page 2 of 2 First 1 2. Once you got off of the train from Munich, you would walk to the main road, walk about 2 miles straight to the camp. Former barracks. Click here to open 'USArmyGermany' If you have any I told him in German that I was stationed there in 1966-68 and wanted to show my wife. List of United States Army installations in Germany,, Lists of buildings and structures in Germany, Articles with dead external links from December 2017, Articles with permanently dead external links, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Virginia Storage Area / Alabama Storage Area (U.S. Army use), Kaserne "München-Freimann" (Nazi Germany), This page was last edited on 28 December 2017, at 23:54. After many years of mixed..." Contact us I was met by a German soldier with a rifle. Office: Must wear a mask. I drove around and could not find the camp. Remember, Hitler got his start in Munich and the ground we are talking about was the fuel supply tanks for his military bases around Germany. Most of the installations were renamed during Nazi Germany, once more during the occupation of Germany after World War II when the installations were used by the United States Army, and once more when the Bundeswehr got them for use. The building also had an office for a German individual by the name of Hurding who was responsible for the fuel train deliveries to the underground tanks. 1967- Six Day War On June 11th the Arab-Israeli War Began and ended six days later. Betts Kaserne Biggs AFB Birkenfeld AS Bismarck Kaserne Bitburg AB Blytheville AFB Bremerhaven Radio City Bremerhaven Staging Area Brooks AFB Bunker Hill AFB Burtonwood Army Depot Butzbach Kaserne Cambrai-Fritsch Kaserne Camp Beard Camp Chitose Camp Colt Seossimo provide free SEO Reporting tools with powerfull features to help you to rank higher in search engine. Since I speak German, it opened up many doors in the surrounding countries. I was met at the gate by a German officer who escorted my wife and I all around the camp. Fort Hood was named in honor of Confederate General John Bell Hood is a United States military installation situated in Killeen, Texas. I decided to learn German and that has helped my wife and I on the several trips we have made to Europe over the years and also going back to visiting the 657th.

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